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Stay-at-home mums 'lift a tonne of baby each day'

Posted On: Sept. 8, 2011

Melbourne, Sept 7 (ANI): This is something that most mothers might have already figured out - staying home with children keeps them pretty fit.

An insurance company has indicated that stay-at-home mothers lift the equivalent of nearly one tonne every day caring for their babies.

A recent analysis by Million Dollar Woman showed that if a nine-month-old baby weighs 10kg and is lifted around 90 times each day for feeds, sleeps, nappy changes and playtime, it adds up to a whopping 900kg of lifting across a day for that mum.

However, Million Dollar Woman CEO Lynette Argent said that this could also explain why parents of young children are tired.

"We put it down to lack of sleep but perhaps it is also the solid weights workout they get on a daily basis," the Daily Telegraph quoted Argent as saying.

Body Beyond Baby fitness group founder Jenny Dugard said women's bodies were put under enormous pressure when caring for young children.

"Many women may have worked in offices before having a baby and then they start the most physical job they have ever had, taking care of a baby," she said.

"It's not only babies either, toddlers want to be carried and they only get heavier. If women don't work to build up their strength they can end up with a range of injuries just from being a mum."

Dugard, a mother of two young children, said the most common complaints new mums come to her with were sore backs and shoulder pain.

She said the best way to prepare for the strains of motherhood was to maintain an exercise routine during pregnancy. (ANI)

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