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Tonsillitis is the medical condition where the tonsil of the mouth get enlarges, red due to infections. The tonsil is an organ of the mouth that fights off germs that tend to enter through the mouth. It is a fleshy cluster present in both sides of the back of the throat. This disease is contagious and may spread through the throat or nasal fluids of the infected person.

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Group A streptococcus bacteria is commonly known to cause this disease. There are certain viruses too that may cause this disease. Epstein- Barr virus, adenovirus and infectious mononucleosis may cause this disease. It may also be caused due to treponema, spirochaeta, or in case of Plaut-Vincent angina.

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Signs & Symptoms

The patient with tonsillitis has the following symptoms namely:-

  • The person may suffer from high fever and chills.
  • The person may complain of sore throat.
  • Glands in the neck may get swollen.
  • There may be trouble in swallowing.
  • The patient may complain of pain in ears.
  • There may also be headache ad myalgia.
  • There may be exudation of pus.
  • In some patients the eyes and face may get swollen.
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The only prevention for tonsillitis can be to keep away your child from an infected person. You should wash the utensils and glasses of your infected kid from hot water to prevent spread of infection to other family members

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Conservative Treatment Modern Medicine

The treatment of the tonsillitis mainly depends upon the factor that the infection is from a bacteria or virus. For virus there is no known treatment. But for the streptococcus bacteria doctor will recommend the dose of antibiotics. Ibuprofen or acetaminophen is administered for killing pains. Tonsillectomy is recommended for kids who tend to get tonsillitis often. 

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