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Rh Incompatibility


Rh incompatibility is the medical term indicating a situation where the baby in the womb of an Rh negative mother has Rh positive blood group. This can be a particularly a dangerous condition for both mother and the baby. The simple reason behind this is that the antibodies of the mother will start treating the blood of the fetus as foreign element and it will start attacking it, leading to the destruction of the fetus in the womb.

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As mentioned earlier, the mother’s body starts making antibodies against the Rh positive fetus, and later these antibodies can enter the blood circulation of the baby and destroy the RBCs. Due to this, the baby develops jaundice that may rise to dangerous levels at times. The second baby is at higher risk of damage in this case.

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Signs & Symptoms

The patient suffering from Rh incompatibility has the following symptoms:-

  • The patient’s low muscle may get toned, a condition called hypotonia.
  • The fetus may suffer from developmental delay.
  • There may be increased amount of the amniotic fluid in the womb.
  • The skin may become yellow, similar to that of jaundice.
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The best way to avoid complications is to take the dose of RhoGAM within minutes of delivery.

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Phototherapy Modern Medicine

In this case the prevention is better than cure. RhoGAM is used to prevent the Rh incompatibility due to the built up of the antibodies. Aggressive hydration therapy is used in the mild cases of Rh incompatibility. Phototherapy may be used to cut down the jaundice in infants born.

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