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Premature Infant


Premature infant is the medical term suggesting the early birth of the baby. Under this condition the baby is born before 37 weeks of gestation. Patients who consume cocaine, tobacco and amphetamines are also prone to this disease.

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Premature infant is born due to several reasons some of which are idiopathic in nature. Multiple pregnancies are one of the prominent causes of this medical condition. Other than this, certain prominent diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and kidney disease can lead to this medical condition. Patients with weakened cervix and uterus defects can also suffer from this disease. Patients with the history of premature delivery are also prone to this disease. Preeclampsia, poor nutrition and premature membrane rupture may also lead to this disease.

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Signs & Symptoms

The premature infant can be recognized by the following symptoms:-

  • The infant’s weight must be lower than the average baby.
  • There may be hairs in the body of the infant.
  • The breathing pattern may be abnormal, shallow and irregular.
  • The female infant will have enlarged clitoris.
  • The patient may also likely to suffer from pneumonia due to immature lungs.
  • The muscle tone may detoriate and may lead to difficulty in sucking milk.
  • There may be less body fat than required.
  • The male infant may have small and smooth scrotum without ridges.
  • The ear cartilages may also be soft and smooth.
  • The skin of the patient is mostly transparent in nature.

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Neonatal care Modern Medicine

The infant may be kept in neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for proper development of the baby. Ventilator is used to provide oxygen to the patient. The nutrition may either be injected directly in the blood of the patient or may be passed on to the stomach through the tube, depending upon the condition of the patient

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