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Precocious Puberty


Precocious puberty is the medical term representing a condition where the girls and boys develop puberty at an early age. The patient may suffer from pubertic growth in a normal way but much before the normal age. This may affect the mental status of the patient. In true sense this is not a diseased condition but just the earlier onset of a normal growth of the body than the normal age.

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Precocious puberty may be occasionally caused due to tumor or certain kinds of injury of the brain. The onset of this disease can affect the overall growth of the patient and can lead to mental trauma. In girls this disease may onset earlier than 8 years of age and in boys it may onset earlier than 9 years of age. The disease is mostly divided into several types, central and peripheral. The central precocious puberty is caused by the damage to the inhibitory system of the patient’s brain due to certain kinds of irradiation, trauma, etc. it may also be caused due to langerhans cell histiocytosis. Peripheral precocious puberty is mostly caused by the endogenous sources such as adrenal tumors, McCune-Albright syndrome, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, etc. it may also be caused due to certain kinds of exogenous and environmental factors.

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Signs & Symptoms

The patient suffering from precocious puberty has the following symptoms:-

  • This disease may lead to enlargement of the breasts and appearance of the pubic hairs.
  • There may also be genital developments in both girls and boys.
  • The patients may develop acne and mature body odor.

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Obesity is found to be one of the most important causes of precocious puberty in girls. Hence, fatty diet should be avoided in girls to prevent them from getting fat.

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Conservative treatment Modern Medicine

The patient can be given the drugs such as leuprolide, anastrozole, triptorelin, histrelin acetate (supprelin LA), triptorelin etc, to treat this disease.

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