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Kawasaki Disease


The Kawasaki disease is also known as mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome. This is a rare childhood disease. In this disease the walls of the blood vessels of the entire body becomes inflammed. This disease is seen to cause acquired heart disease in children in the United States. This disease is generally seen under the age group of five years. Also it is fairly common in boys.

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Kawasaki disease is idiopathic in nature. This disease is not contagious. This disease is also not genetically passed on. This disease may be caused by virus, though not scientifically proved. Most of the patients with this disease may recover from the disease fully, usually within weeks of getting treatment. Generally no further problem is seen.

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Signs & Symptoms

The patient suffering from Kawasaki disease experiences the following symptoms namely:-

  • The patient has high fever.
  • There are swollen lymph nodes in the neck region.
  • A rash can be found on the mid section and the genital area.
  • The patient may experience red, dry and cracked lips.
  • There may be swollen tongue.
  • The patient may also experience swollen palms and soles of feet. These areas may also become red.
  • The patient may also complain of redness of eyes.
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There is no prevention of this disease.

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Conservative Treatment Modern Medicine

Aspirin is the drug of choice to reduce fever, joint inflammation, rash and pain. It also prevents blood clots formation. Intravenous gamma globulin can also be administered to decrease the risk of developing the coronary artery abnormalities. This medicine should be administered at early stage of illness for better results.  

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