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Feeding Disorder Of Infancy And Early Childhood


Feeding disorder of infancy and early childhood is not a diseased condition; instead it is a medical condition where the child fails to gain weight due to lack of nutrition. This condition may lead to poor nourishment and further problems in future due to it.

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As already mentioned earlier, the condition of malnourishment appears due to lack of nourishment and not due to any underlying disease, such as cleft palate, congenital heart disease and long term lung disease or even mental retardation. This condition is generally seen in poor children and dysfunctional child-caregiver interactions and even in case of parental misinformation about how to feed their child with healthy food.

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Signs & Symptoms

The patient with feeding disorder of infancy and early childhood may suffer from the following symptoms:-

  • The patient may suffer from constipation.
  • The infant may cry excessively.
  • The infant may be lethargic and may be excessively sleepy always.
  • There may be irritability.
  • The patient may have poor weight gain.
  • He/she may also have weight loss.
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A regular visit to your pediatrician may be needed for proper guidelines of the required and missing nutrition. You will be getting the exact note on how and what to feed to your kid for proper nourishment.

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Conservative treatment Modern Medicine

The patient of feeding disorder of infancy and early childhood may have to increase the intake of calories, and amount of fluid. He/she also needs correct amount of vitamin and or mineral intakes. The patient may also need to be checked for any kinds of underlying physical or psychosocial illness. The infant may be hospitalized for short period to replenish the missing nutrition. 

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