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Febrile Seizure (Children)


The febrile seizure in children is a condition where the infants or small children start convulsions during fever. The child may loss conscious and starts shaking violently moving limbs of both the sides of the body. Though, some children may instead become rigid and suffer from twitches in one of the portions of the body only. This rigorous body movement may last only for one or two minute, although this movement may also extend to as far as 15 minutes or more. The children with febrile seizure are generally seen to have rectal temperature more than 102 degrees F. the seizure is generally seen in the first day of fever.

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There are numerous reasons behind the febrile seizures in children. Most often this condition is seen in infants, less than 15 months of age. This condition is also hereditary in nature. Those children who are more prone to fevers and suffer from fever often have febrile seizures.

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Signs & Symptoms

The children with febrile seizure have the following symptoms namely:-

  • The child suffers from high fever, higher than 102 degree F.
  • The child has rigorous shakings of limbs of both the sides for around 1 minute to 15 minute at a stretch.
  • The child may also twister or become rigid completely.
  • The child may suffer from abundant vomiting, stiff neck and extreme lethargy before the start of the convulsions.
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The children suffering from febrile seizure may be given the drug diazepam orally or rectally, whenever these children have fever.

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Conservative treatment Modern Medicine

Tests may be performed for the actual cause of fever and the treatment may be given accordingly. The patient generally doesn’t require hospitalization. Hospitalization may be called only in case the patient suffers from long duration of convulsion. This hospitalization is basically done to keep a watchful eye on the patient.  

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