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Failure To Thrive


The “Failure to Thrive” is a medical condition where the infant doesn’t grow as per his age and requirement. His/her current weight remains significantly lower than the children of similar age and sex. This condition may lead to delay in development and maturation.

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Failure to thrive may be due to chromosomal abnormalities, such as Down syndrome and the Turner syndrome. There may be defects in the major organ systems, due to which the body growth may lack. There may be thyroid hormone deficiency and other relevant hormone deficiencies. The central nervous system may be damaged, which leads to the feeding difficulties in the infants. The heart or lung may also be defective due to which the nutrition may not move to all organs of the body. The patient with anemia or other blood disorder may also suffer from this condition. This medical condition may also be seen by emotional deprivation and economic problems.

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Signs & Symptoms

The patient with failure to thrive may suffer from the following symptoms:-

  • The children with failure to thrive will have lower weight and lesser height than the children of their age.
  • Secondary sexual characteristics may be delayed in adolescents.
  • There may be lower mental and social skills.
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Consult the doctor periodically for your child growth in various age bars to keep an eye on the growth ratio.

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Conservative treatment Modern Medicine

The treatment may revolve around the delayed growth and development. The treatment also revolves around the improvement of the family dynamics and living cases. Dietary supplements should not be given without consulting the doctor.

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