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This disease is commonly seen in children. Most the child patients have problems when they talk to others. They avoid eye contact while talking to other people around them. Most of the children act weirdly due to this disease. They have the tendency to repeat lines to calm themselves down or need to line up their pencils or pens to ...
Childhood Disintegrative Disorder
Childhood disintegrative disorder is a disorder in which child develops normally after the age of 2 years, say around 3-4 years. In other words, it is condition that is characterized by late onset of the necessary social skills. Due to this disorder, a child faces delays in development of intellectual and social skills, language and normal behaviour. People often get ...
Colic In Infants
Once the child is born he/she goes through a fussy period. During this fussy period the child cries for three hours at a stretch much to the horror and concern of the parents. This fussing period generally starts around 3 weeks time after the birth and may extend up to 4 – 6 weeks of age. This crying is mostly ...
Failure To Thrive
The “Failure to Thrive” is a medical condition where the infant doesn’t grow as per his age and requirement. His/her current weight remains significantly lower than the children of similar age and sex. This condition may lead to delay in development and maturation.
Febrile Seizure (Children)
The febrile seizure in children is a condition where the infants or small children start convulsions during fever. The child may loss conscious and starts shaking violently moving limbs of both the sides of the body. Though, some children may instead become rigid and suffer from twitches in one of the portions of the body only. This rigorous body movement ...
Feeding Disorder Of Infancy And Early Childhood
Feeding disorder of infancy and early childhood is not a diseased condition; instead it is a medical condition where the child fails to gain weight due to lack of nutrition. This condition may lead to poor nourishment and further problems in future due to it.
Fifth Disease
Fifth disease is a viral infection, which is caused by virus. The disease is common in kids of age group of 5-15 years, though can occur in adults also. The disease does not show any complications and the symptoms of the condition go away by its own.
Kawasaki Disease
The Kawasaki disease is also known as mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome. This is a rare childhood disease. In this disease the walls of the blood vessels of the entire body becomes inflammed. This disease is seen to cause acquired heart disease in children in the United States. This disease is generally seen under the age group of five years. Also ...
Mumps is a contagious disease caused by a virus that usually spreads through saliva and can infect many parts of the body, especially the parotid salivary glands. These glands are found toward the back of each cheek, in the area between the ear and jaw. In cases of mumps, these glands typically swell and become painful. Mumps was common until ...
Newborn Jaundice
Newborn jaundice is a common condition observed in about 60% of the newborn infants. It is a condition that shows presence of high levels of bilirubin in the infants’ blood. Due to increased bilirubin, infants’ skin and the white part of the eyes, the sclera, looks yellow. Physiological jaundice is considered as the most common form of jaundice among the ...
Osgood-Schlatter Disease
Osgood-Schlatter disease can be defined as overuse knee injury. The disease results in causing painful lump, below the kneecap. The disease is commonly found in those children that frequently participate in sports like jumping, running, basketball, etc. It is said and believed that disease affects 1 in every 5 adolescent athletes. The disease is commonly found in boys, between the ...
Poliomyelitis is an acute viral infection, caused by the member of Enterovirus called poliovirus. It is an infantile paralysis. And, can easily be transferred from one person to another by the fecal-oral route. In 1% of cases globally, it is seen that the virus enters the Central Nervous System of the patient. This leads to damaged motor neurons, and muscle ...
Precocious Puberty
Precocious puberty is the medical term representing a condition where the girls and boys develop puberty at an early age. The patient may suffer from pubertic growth in a normal way but much before the normal age. This may affect the mental status of the patient. In true sense this is not a diseased condition but just the earlier onset ...
Premature Infant
Premature infant is the medical term suggesting the early birth of the baby. Under this condition the baby is born before 37 weeks of gestation. Patients who consume cocaine, tobacco and amphetamines are also prone to this disease.
Rh Incompatibility
Rh incompatibility is the medical term indicating a situation where the baby in the womb of an Rh negative mother has Rh positive blood group. This can be a particularly a dangerous condition for both mother and the baby. The simple reason behind this is that the antibodies of the mother will start treating the blood of the fetus as ...
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is a condition in which unexplained and sudden death of infant (younger than 1 year) takes place. The condition is considered as leading cause of death in children, who lies in the age group of 1 months and 1 year old.  In most of the cases, SIDS death occurs when babies are in between the ...
Tonsillitis is the medical condition where the tonsil of the mouth get enlarges, red due to infections. The tonsil is an organ of the mouth that fights off germs that tend to enter through the mouth. It is a fleshy cluster present in both sides of the back of the throat. This disease is contagious and may spread through the ...

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