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Parameters to Be Factored In For Maternity Hospitals in Chennaimat

Ajay Sharma
June 9, 2015

Ajay Sharma is an experienced writer and blogger, covering a wide range of topics such as fitness, health issues, pregnancy care, weight loss and medical equipment’s, etc.

Regardless of the first pregnancy or you are expecting a second child, it sends the shivers down your spine and you, along with your partner get down to brass tacks regarding different aspects of childbirth. You may consider natural childbirth or may opt for spinal block. Additionally, you may give caesarean C-section a spare of thought. However, the first important decision that you would ponder over is regarding the choice of maternity hospital in Chennai. In this section, we have outlined the nuggets of information on the essential aspects of maternity hospital that will grease the skids for you in your quest for a maternity hospital which delivers the maternal care services of the highest quality.

Maternity hospital

Pre-natal Phase

When you discover about your pregnancy, you should employ due discretion to select a right maternity hospital. The credentials and experience of the doctors is of paramount significance while you get the measure of the hospital in question. In addition, you must get the hang of the child care infrastructure and maternity services. Also, lay the thrust on the following parameters:

• Reputation which the maternity hospital in Chennai boasts of
• Procedures and measures employed by the hospital and interpersonal skills of medical staff
• Distance from your home

You can gather nuggets of information, considering these aforementioned parameters and then take the plunge.

Neo-natal Phase

Once you have taken admission into the hospital, you will slip into appropriate clothes. Also, the type of treatment that you have opted for and mentioned in your paperwork, you will receive the prescribed medication. The options include but are not limited to pudenda block, epidural block, basic pain medication, and spinal block, among others.

Post-natal Phase

Once the delivery of placenta comes to completion, mother is taken to postpartum room. This is the norm widely followed across the maternity hospitals. Most women seek to receive a warm bath following the delivery, which will take the sting out of the discomfort in the wake of child delivery.

These three stages of pregnancy may read quite simple but the duration which each phase spans over exhibit great variation from one woman to another and thereby it becomes imperative for family members to be on their toes for whatever comes across. A right maternity care facility will be equipped with all the facilities that are critical to delivery. Additionally, you must take stocks of the situation and lay thrust on these aforementioned nuggets of information while making a choice of maternity hospital in Chennai.

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